We wrote several documents to help language learners interact and practice together. We’re happy to share them for free. Don’t hesitate to reuse and distribute them.


  1. Survival Kit (Greetings, Introducing yourself, etc.) in 6 languages (English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Russian). Very useful document if you don’t know any word in your target language and don’t know where to start. Try to memorize a few sentences before attending your first event with our language exchange group.
  2. Popular Idioms:
    10 English & French Idioms
    10 Spanish & Chinese Idioms
    10 World Proverbs
  3. Quizz
    Language Quiz #1
    Language Quiz #2
    Language Quiz #3
  4. Ice-skating around the world. We went ice-skating and felt like learning how to say it in several languages could be a good idea.
  5. Movie dialogues
    Watch & Relax 19/06/16. The program included: Ratatouille, Le Grand Bleu, Cidade de deus, 活着 (Huózhe).
    Watch & Relax 25/09/16. With among others: No se aceptan devoluciones, 失恋 33 天, Billy Elliot and La Haine.
    Watch & Relax 03/11/16. 10 simple words in 10 different languages.


  1. How to give orders and “Fondant au chocolat recipe” by HC. Written in January 2016, we cooked “Fondant au Chocolat”, learned the different ways to give orders in French, and played “Petit bac” at the end while eating our delicious dessert with sparkling rosé.


  1. Presentation of Korean dishes by Hyeji. Written in February 2016, our Korean teacher Hyeji from Daegu taught us the differences between the main Korean dishes, how to make kimbap (Korean maki), shared some K-Pop and movies suggestions and we ate while watching Korean movie samples.
  2. Korean Karaoke Prep by HC. Here’s a small tutorial of the super complex remote and a short list of very simple and helpful phrases for our monthly karaoke


  1. Urdu & Indian/Pakistani dishes. Here’s a list of simple but helpful phrases in Urdu, and a small quiz to practice your knowledge of Indian/Pakistani dishes.
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