Dear Language Learners living or visiting Paris, I created 3 maps that list the recurring language exchange events in Paris, which will be of course updated regularly. Location and date might change one day, so remember to verify on the group website you’re interested in joining (links are provided in the description). Have fun meeting great learners!

1. By Language.
Wanna practice French, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or maybe another language? Or maybe you just prefer to attend an event including all languages in order to meet more people from around the globe?

2. By Day of the week.
Monday, Tuesday, Happy day! If you’re only free on a specific day of the week, here’s the event map for you. Just filter on the day you’re available and discover the language exchange events nearby.

3. By Community.
And I created this last map in case you fancy a community more than the others 😉

Join our innovative language exchange events and awesome community of language learners in Paris here:

Let’s create a more complete map together, and why not a world one?

Anything you see missing on this page? Do you know any other recurring language exchange event in Paris? Would you be interested in creating yours? Leave a comment if so 😉

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